Март, 2017

15Мар(Мар 15)23:0016(Мар 16)05:00Slav Squat Razpaljotka! 15/0323:00 - 05:00 (16) Companeros Ljubljana, Slovenska cesta 51

Подробности события

Zdravstvuyte tovariši and devushke!

Zima is going away slow and snow is melt, so we will be planting potato soon. Potato is very univerzal, is good for eating, good for vodka and good for hand grenade training. And now when sun come out, is so warm like nuclear reactor meltdown, is beutifall.

But is not potato time already and we have alot of ozimnica that babushka prepare because babushka always prepare too much and get angry if you dont eat.

Next mission: Destroy ozimnica, make space for potato!

We have everything you need to survive in our špajza, this is vodka, kompot and klobasa. Majonez and cigareti is too much luksuz for tipična sreda, we save for prazniki and birthday.
We miks vodka and kompot for dancing and give klobase for party endurance. Then we put hardbass and see who is slav and who is špijon.

We will also have special guest, but is secret now so špijoni dont terminate life.

Warning: If ozimnica stay and babushka ask WHO IS NOT EAT THIS with kalashnikov, is too late. Get ready comrade.


You have to enter in adidas trenirka if you are real slav, it’s will be free entrance for you until 01:00, but we must also welcome some amerikanski špijoni to keep kurba enemies close, but we will take them 3€ for no trenirka. 3 like adidas tri poloski. It’s price you must pay for spying.


Also we must organize slav propaganda in the motherland again! We will use tools like amerikanci and make propaganda on Facebook, to infiltrate cyka blyat špijoni and become double agent!

Every slav that will post good squat photo to glavni štab (event discussion) will get free Kompot from our babushka who not like water but make kompot with vodka, is good for zdravje, good for cold.
Makes you indestruktible like Lada.

You must already know how to good squat, is slav nature, and when you report to glavni štab, we make kontakt in komentar. Squat photo can be old, but must be you on picture gopnik!

The double agent with most likes on squat photo, we make Mornarniški Komandir and he get his own ladja of vodka for his slav posadka. It’s good strategy, because more people get drunk.


Slav certifikat of original:

If you post hardbass to event, we will add to DJ playlist


15 (среда) 23:00 - 16 (четверг) 05:00


Companeros Ljubljana

Slovenska cesta 51

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